A Recipe for Goal Getting….

Happy January 2018!

Here we are 7 days into year 2018…..How excited are you excited for the next 12 months? Do you have BIG PLANS, GOALS, WISHES AND, TO DO LISTS?…..I do!…. I always do. I have ideas, lists, plans, goals and a never-ending to-do lists. And, I don’t just have them for the new year, its an ongoing theme and thing with me. Seriously, just ask my sister. She is my immediate go to when the ideas and plans start running through my brain simultaneously. It’s quite frequent when I call or text her my next “Great Idea” and, she kindly always listens and responds with her support (I love my sister). We are Best Friends Forever.

The problem is, I rarely come through with the follow through. My “Great Idea” may become what I would say is “difficult” for me or “takes too much time”, “gets expensive” or worse, I become fearful, get discouraged and give up altogether. This happens ALL THE TIME. When this does happen, I am filled with personal disappointment and shame for not getting IT done. Giving up has somehow become my life story. But this I declare, is not how I want my story to read.

Over the last few months and a little bit possibly longer, I have been thinking heavily on how to push past my fears, failures and the oncoming obstacles? I’ve asked myself, “how do I focus on me, committ to myself and gain momentum to successful goal getting for 2018 and beyond?” “How do I get back up again after I fall? How do I keep going and create my best life?” These were my real life questions to which I am fixated on getting the answers to.

Now, I hope that my words here don’t come across as a pity party or sob story that I see myself as a failure all around. No, it’s not like that. It is far, far from that. Yes, I do get down on myself. But, I don’t stay there. I have recognized my shortcomings and now finding ways to overcome them. The above statements are the results of a self-audit, a up close and personal self check. A life review. What I did, what I didn’t, what happened and, what I’m going to do now to succeed at my goals. My history of having these great ideas, making plans and not following through stops here!

Why here? Why now? Because, I’m so tired of sitting on the side lines of life and watching my counterparts live out loud. Because I have seen how God gives me concepts to bring to life and when I don’t use what he has given me; he passes it on to another. I’ve witnessed these things more than once or twice and again I am disappointed with myself. Saying that could’ve been me doing this or being that… or saying “That was my idea”… “(That I did nothing with).”

Well, pretty much I am done giving away my gifts from God. And, as I say this I know that I have got to be purposely intentional with everyday of my life and, be mindful of what did or did not work in the past…… But, why didn’t my visions, goals and life blueprints come to fruition? I wrote them all down and put them in my planner time after time. I should’ve been knocking it out the park. Why wasn’t I successful at goal getting? I did not know.

Until now?… I have always had the main idea of goal setting but, I did not have the process down of “GOAL GETTING!” Goal Getter, YES! Get to the the finish line and grab that goal by the horns. And, it is as simple as writing a recipe; for SUCCESS. What do I mean by write a recipe for your goals? Just that. When you read a recipe you basically have 2 parts: the ingredient list and the instructions to have a great outcome for your dish. For successful goal getting we are going to use the same formula.

Example Goal: Drink 8 glasses of water per day

Ingredients/Needs: Water, Glass or water bottle

Instructions/Process: Set evenly a spaced interval timer on your watch or smart phone for intake reminders

At this point in the goal setting and getting we are on task. We have our plan and we have what we need. All that’s left is to just do it.

Bottom Line: Know your destination and have good directions on how to get there.

2018 I’m doing things differently! Won’t you join me?! …..Become a GOAL SETTER AND A GOAL GETTER. We will be challenged, we will be discouraged, we will be all kinds of fearful. But, we must PERSIST. We must not give up. And, if by chance we do give up, just pick up where we left off and KEEP GOING.

What recipe for goal getting will you write for January? For 2018?

How will you persist?

Talk to me, let me know here on @ mouthfuloffood.com or on Social: Facebook and Instagram @mouthfuloffood

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Until next time,

Kim Cherie, Goal Getter

5 thoughts on “A Recipe for Goal Getting….

  1. Hey Thank you for reading! Yes, pull that To do list (goals) out and start knocking it out! Keep me posted on your progress.


  2. Kim, this was a well written read…thanks for sharing your personal struggles and insights… well wishes in all of your endeavors… one step at a time…

    Liked by 1 person

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