12 Books for 2018

This year I have curated a list of books to get me through 2018. I have compiled this list mostly from my obnoxiously long Wish List on Amazon. I promise I add something to my wish list at least once a week. It is comprised of cookbooks, novels, self help manuals, spiritual readers and, some non book items that I have a desirable interest in.

I decided on creating this list after I had been asked more than once how many books am I going to try to read this year. I did not have a definite answer because I had never thought about completing a certain number of books in year. I had no reason to. I read all the time, picking books that interest me when learned of through author interviews, book review or, word of mouth. I have noticed several book reading challenges posted on social media suggesting to read up to 52 book this year…. Well, maybe one year I will read 52 books in a year but, not this year. On that, I am certain. This year I have committed to 12 books. Out of this list not one is a cookbook. I have excluded them from this list because I actually browse a few cookbooks a week from the collection acquired between my mother and I.

And, for the record I have already knocked out books 1 & 2 for 2018 which I will list and share why I enjoyed them. Books 3-12 will be read in no certain order.

Here we go!

1. The Perfect Find by Tia Williams: Jenna Jones is 40 year old female who is finding her way back after a break up and loss of her career. She meets Eric a hot young thang at a party one night and they totally connect. They find out they actually work together at her new job. They both try very hard to remain professional and resist each other while working very closely together on assignments but, the temptation is so heavy. There is also the drama at work: her boss is his mother (she can’t find out that anything ever happened), she’s also Jenna’s nemesis. Jenna’s ex-fiancĂ© is possibly trying to win her back and more. Jenna and Eric, you will enjoy them both. (Book 1 done)

2. Year of YES by Shonda Rhimes: Who would’ve thought the Queen of Thursday nights would actually be an introvert whose desire was to alway be behind the camera and out of sight all together? I wouldn’t have guessed it. Who would’ve thought she would reject almost all invitations from glamorous people to elegant events? That was Shonda Rhimes before her Year of YES. Challenged by her oldest sister’s gripe that Shonda never says yes; she takes a journey out of her former self, into self love and discovery, found real happiness, blessings and her new true self. (Book 2 done)

3. You are a Badass – How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jan Sincero: The description says “A self-help book for people who desperately want to improve their lives but don’t want to get busted doing it”. I have seen this book on the books shelves of every store that sells books over the last year. Which says to me this must be a good book. I love good books on self-improvement. I’m excited to dig in. Who wouldn’t want to read a book telling you how awesome you already are?

4. The Last Lecture by Randy Pauch: So, this book has been on my Mental Book List for so many years. Probably before I could create a list on Amazon which is how this one slipped by. I’m pretty sure it was mentioned in Shonda Rhimes book which jogged my memory. 2018 is this books year for my personal story hour. I remember that this book was getting a lot of press years ago. I remember them saying that Professors normally give or are asked to give a “last lecture” on their mortality and consider what matters most to them. In this case, this professor; Randy Pauch was really facing his own mortality and giving his “last lecture” being terminally ill from cancer sharing what he thought was the most important things in life…..What would you say if you only had a little time to say it? What would you share with those who are listening about getting the best from life?

5. I almost forgot about you by Terry McMillan: Another read that got lost in my mental library. Essence magazine shared an excerpt when this book was being released and I totally wanted to know more about the main character Dr. Georgia Young. I just remember her thinking about her life and what has become of it. She seemed lonely and unhappy which is always a good premise to an amazing love and empowerment story. With Terry McMillan you can always count on a page turner.

6. Power of Broke by Daymond John: The creator of international FUBU brand the title speaks for itself. It speaks to me. Being broke can spark motivation & innovation. I hope reading this book will give me both.

7. Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso: I tried to read this book summer 2017. I didn’t finish. I’m putting it on my list because I want to know her story. Starting her Nasty Gal business when she was almost broke by purchasing classic, retro clothing and accessories from resale shops and selling them on eBay for profit. And, away she went! Now she is a millionaire probably several times over. This is probably actually going to be #BOOK 3 2018

8. Don’t Settle for Safe by Sarah Jakes Roberts: I need this book RIGHT NOW! Don’t settle for safe. My life right now. Talk to me Sarah!

9. Meternity by Meghann Foye: This is not a typo.. The main character Liz is taking time off from work when it is presumed she is pregnant because she is experiencing nausea at work due to her overwhelming workload. Going all the way with this rouse it will be exciting to find out if she gets away with it in the end.

10. The Butler Speaks – A Return to Proper Etiquette, Stylish Entertaining & The Art of Good Housekeeping by Charles MacPherson: Confession: I love etiquette books. Of the 3 – 4 large impressive lifestyle manuals I have read; each one teaches on how to be in social situations, how to prepare, and how to be gracious. Things that are not always taught anymore. Things that should be taught forever-more. I look forward to reading what the butler has to say. I’m already giving this a permanent space on the book shelf.

11. After the Dance- My Life with Marvin Gaye by Jan Gaye: I remember when Marvin Gaye died. I didn’t know who Marvin Gaye was but, I remember him dying. I was in the car with my mother going to Detroit and the Radio DJ was talking about the death of Marvin Gaye…Its funny what stays with you from when you are a kid. From then on I knew Marvin Gaye. Which is why I want to read this tell all from his wife Janis.

12: How Strong Women Pray by Bonnie St. John: What more is there to say? One of my desires is to learn to pray better and more often. I want prayer to become natural and habitual for me. I desire a constant connection with God on both the good and bad days. I want to be a prayer warrior!

Well, there it is….my reading to do list 2018. I’m sure that there will be several books released this year that will try to capture my attention and squeeze their way onto my 2018 list; and some of them succeed. But, for now this is it and I’m so excited to dive into books 3-12.

What books are on your list this year? This month?

What books do you recommend for my future lists?

Let me know! Leave a comment on the blog or on FB, IG and Twitter @ mouthfuloffood

See you next time!

Kim Cherie


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