Blackberry Jam Cake – Part I

This Friday is my daddy’s birthday. And, for the last couple of years I’ve been wanting to make him a Blackberry Jam Cake. I think I wanted to make it originally because he told me that his mom use to make them. But my dad called it a Jam Cake and all the recipes I read called it that too with no specifics about the flavor of the jam.

Eventually I found more recipes that did specify the flavor jam that should be used. Blackberry Jam. My dad didn’t know why they called it a Jam Cake or that my grandmother used blackberry jam. As he puts it “I was just in the kitchen to eat the cake”.   I don’t think my dad needed specifics when his mom cooked and or baked. If I had to guess he was just satisfied that it came from his momma.

Today, I got the recipe that my grandmother; his mother used to make. I’m so excited to bake this cake for him and for me. I’m nervous at the same time. I don’t know what the cake is supposed to taste like or if I can even bring it close to how my grandmother did it. Either way, I am honored that he would let me attempt to deliver some nostalgic of his mother. My grandmother.

…….To be continued.



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