What All Fast Food Establishments Need To Do Right Now….

Confession: I love me some fast food. Let me rephrase, I love me some hot & fresh fast food. Oh, but that’s an oxymoron these days huh? There almost no such thing anymore when it comes to fast food. There is almost no such thing as good customer service either at these restaurants. What happened to great food and good service? What happened to showing up to work looking like you care? And where is the person in charge that monitors all of the above? I want them FIRED! YESTERDAY!!!

Recently I decided to stop going to mostly all fast food chains because I was not sure that any of the employees gave a care if the food they served me was hot, fresh and safe to eat. More over, they were not at all happy to see me when I pulled up to the drive-thru window…. I am never greeted with positive salutations to begin with. The voice through the speaker says “go head with your order” (yep you read it right).  When the voice inside the speaker box should be saying “Welcome to ___________! May I take your order?  Nope. Just: Go head and Pull forward for your total… SMH…  And then, when you get up to the window to someone face to face the employee is not pleasant. AT ALL. The face is all frowned up, attitude blazing, no words being spoken but, all I see is how much this person could care less about the products and services they are offering… Why should I be buying or eating this “food”? Finally when you get your food and drink: Wait! Let’s talk about this drink situation…. How hard is it put the drink only on the inside of the cup? I mean, why is there Coke on every piece of surface space on the inside and outside of my cup?…..If I said bad words………. grrrr…… this is where I would insert all of them because I don’t want no drink with drink all over the outside of the cup!!!…. After training the employees to wash their hands after EVERYTHING, they should be training them how to put pop in the cup with a secure top and if some gets on the outside, WIPE IT OFF before giving it to the customer…Can I get this put into law? I just want a drink that is not spilled all over me unless I do it. IJS.

I haven’t even gotten to the food yet…..

But, I’ll get there.

What I need fast food establishments to do right now is throw the whole training manual away because its not working….smh…

Let’s just start with making sure employees come to work neat and clean including uniforms, hair, hands and nails…. I swear… This should be checked daily…I shouldn’t have to wonder if they slept in the uniform or where their hands have last been before touching my food….. People in the fast food industry are asking for $15 per hour. Shouldn’t they look like they deserve $15 an hour?

Next, let’s work on the disposition of the employees…If the employee is too good to say Hello, Good Morning, May I help you, Please and Thank you… You shouldn’t want them as the face of your business…

Lastly can we talk about the food…..Why is it never hot and fresh? Commercial after commercial for most any fast food place boasts about hot fresh food. But, when you get there and receive your order it is everything but… This is the same for almost every fast food place… How can you feel good about giving away bad food? cold fries, cold burgers and, hot pop….Yuck.

Fast food needs to be revised…. I don’t think people mind waiting for good, hot food. And, really it only takes about 5 minutes to fry up a couple of patties and a basket of fries.. So why aren’t we making them when the order is placed in the first place? It works. Just ask Five Guys. Fast food cooked to order…Currently they are my favorite. They probably will remain there just because I can tell they care about me and the food they give me every time I stop by. You can read more about my love affair with Five Guys right here.

In the mean time Fast Food owners, managers and employees… Take a good look at yourselves and the products your pushing… Are you proud of it? My guess is no… Would you take that sloppy pop and cold burger and fries to your mom? Or better yet to your special someone? Would they like it? Again, my guess is no…  The time is now to do better  and to one up your competition. Serve better “food”.


Former Fast Food Fanatic





One thought on “What All Fast Food Establishments Need To Do Right Now….

  1. This was so entertaining! I rarely drive up or walk in to a fast food restaurant these days. On the rare occasion that I do, it is because I have to use their facilities while I am on the road. Let me tell you from that short time I am inside, I am most often in awe that people are standing in line to eat there. I am with you on all things said about the food and the appearance of the employees, but what will send me out of a restaurant faster than a rat running from a cat, is no paper towel or out of soap in the bathroom! How in the world? Nothing else needs to be said about the soap being out, but if there is no paper towel then what is the staff using to open the door on their way back out? I know that I am making a huge assumption that one cares to protect their hopefully clean hands from the germ infested door handle, but that hope is completely exhausted if there is not any paper towel for them to make such an attempt. These are my crazy thoughts. Of course, I would hope a mandatory hand-washing is required once reentering the food prep zone, but who knows? The other thing that drives me mad is employees touching their cell phones while preparing food. GROSS. I have gone on way too long. In my final thought I will say that I want all restaurants to have to post their health score on the door like it is done in other cities and/or states. I noticed Yelp has added that feature. Have you seen it?


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