It’s not too late….

That’s what I told myself while I was preparing dinner tonight; spaghetti, sweet potatoes and garlic bread. I wasn’t sure why this came to me while I was chopping up onion, celery, bell pepper and, garlic but it did. Maybe it was because I had been asking myself over the last couple of weeks “Is it too late to design my ideal life? Is it too late for me to create the visions that I have written down in my journals. Is it too late for me to be who I see in my daydreams?”…..”No. It is not too late. You just keep working at it, You keep pushing. Keep those ideas coming”.. That’s what I told myself in right in the middle of dicing red onions.  I gave myself a pep talk and I mentally replayed all the information I have been getting from books and podcasts and told myself anything is possible. I am my only limit. So I want to be UNLIMITED.

It is only too late when you give up. And, when you give up; your dreams will bypass you and move on to another. Your vision will become their vision. Your plan is now their plan and if you ever really had any commitment to that dream you will be filled with devastation when you see that same dream pop out of someone else in real life. You will see someone else’s life unfold possibly just like you wanted yours to….

The only way to defeat this future regret is to start and continue to work on your dreams, goals, passions and, skills. Don’t stop. Be consistent……. We don’t have to be all or nothing when working towards our ambitions but, we can definitely baby step our way into our destiny. Baby steps will get us there. Just like a baby we can’t make big steps too fast because we might have a big fall…… We will have falls and failures but, hopefully those falls are recoverable and not so soul crushing that we don’t want to take another step.

Every time I fail at something personal I’m working on. I just say to myself, I’ll get it next time. I’ll do it right tomorrow. As long as I keep working on it I am winning. And, I thank God for giving me a chance to keep trying. I thank God for making me aware of not only when I fail but also the desire to be better and to do better. And, that’s my goal; to be better than I was yesterday.

In the past I have shared that I have a hard time with following through and giving up too soon and that I am really working to stay the course. What I am finding that helps is to be around like minded people. You need those people in your life that can see your vision the way you do or even see what you don’t see. A like minded person and be motivational; someone who puts a fire under you when you think about giving up. Sometimes a business buddy, a study buddy, workout partner or whatever can see your brand or your vision bigger than you can and, that is great! You need a person to tell you your dreams are possible no matter what kind of situation you might be in right now. You need that person to build your confidence when it is lacking and to clap when no one else is. Find a support group, tribe, club or an accountability partner like I have and get on the ball! Show me what you’re made of. Your dreams are possible if you want them to be.

Until tomorrow,

Kim Cherie







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