Grilled Cheese for Dinner… tonight

Wow! The day has gotten away from me… I am supposed to a have a post done before midnight every night for 30 days. I have almost missed the dead line. My day has been pretty full as I am trying to remember every thing I need to do, finish, and, pick up before tomorrow because I have a very busy weekend ahead. I had 3 different appointments today, clothes to wash and dry.  I delivered all the cakes I baked yesterday. And, lastly I had to go to the ATM and I ended up leaving the card in the machine. At least I think I did…. At least I hope I did. Whomp. Whomp….

So while I call myself being organized and prepared for this non-stop weekend. I have already hit this hiccup. Fortunately tomorrow is Friday and the banks are open and I can try to get this resolved. That card is tied to everything I do. My day was so full. I am still not packed. And, there was no time to plan for dinner.

But, remember that loaf of Texas Toast I bought late last week when I spontaneously wanted a BLT and then a grilled cheese? Well I had my way with the BLT’s and in the middle of the week I took advantage of the TEXAS TOAST on the nights I worked very late. I don’t think a 2am Grilled Cheese never hurt anyone. Tonight I had one at 9pm. Actually, I had two.  I like my grilled cheese made with American Cheese Slices, Real Butter, Texas Toast or, White Sandwich Bread. If I don’t have those items, I don’t want it.

The trick to making a delicious grilled cheese is to cook it low and slow. Have the butter softened so that it spreads easily across the whole slice of bread. If you don’t have softened butter just melt the butter in the microwave and use a pastry brush to apply it generously to the bread slices. Use a large enough skillet so that both slices of bread can lay flat with the butter side down and the cheese laying on top. Turn your stove top or griddle on a medium low to low; depending on how you stove cooks. Monitor the cheese toast every couple of minutes until it is at your desired doneness. Once both slices are brown and the cheese is melted, place one slice of cheese toast on top of the other with the cheeses meeting face to face. Then press the hot cheese sandwich down with a spatula so the cheese slices melt into one. Remove the sandwich from the skillet or griddle. Cut in half and serve with fries and a pickle; just like a coney island restaurant.


Kim Cherie



2 thoughts on “Grilled Cheese for Dinner… tonight

  1. Hey again! I have not heard from the bank regarding my card but, it was the weekend. I will check with them on tomorrow to see if it was left in the ATM machine….. A blog post of about my cakes would be a great post. I will put that on my draft list. Do you cook or bake?
    Hope you had a great weekend?


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