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Day 2 in Chicago

22 Sep

It’s cold. I had to stop and buy a sweatshirt to keep myself warm for the day. We enjoyed ourselves very much today. The first part of the morning was well spent in a personal growth workshop. We visited a food hall, had dinner with family and more…. When I get back home I can share all the deets but, this weekend I am without my tablet and my computer which makes it difficult to share everything I want. In the meantime here are a few pics from today and yesterday.

Hello from Chicago…..

22 Sep

That’s right, this weekend I am hanging out in Chicago with my one and only sister. Upon arrival the weather was warm and perfect. By nightfall I wanted a hat and gloves to keep me warm so that I could stay out longer. One thing to know about me is, if I’m cold I just want to hibernate. But, I got a lot of sight seeing in before the weather betrayed us.

Today I experienced several new food places and I’m excited to try more tomorrow. I had a late breakfast at breakfast and brunch spot, tried falafel, went to a bakery that was on my wish list and, to a bakery that was not. All in all my sister and I had a great day. Tomorrow we have a morning workshop, catching up with family here in town and then we will the remainder of the day being a couple of gluttons in the city. Don’t worry I’ll have pictures too!

I’ll post a few tomorrow,

Kim Cherie,



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