Love Letters to my Younger Self

I never was a good student while in primary school. I was distracted mostly but, I would also say some subjects were just difficult. I just made it out of high school. No effort was put into my studies. There was no focus on my future, college, career or otherwise. I just went from day to day floating and taking up space.

Starting from junior high school I worked after school, weekends and summers for my grandparents at their beloved local Dairy & Grill. In high school I worked for my uncle at his popular clothing store. I never had to worry about a job. I never worried about having money in my pocket. I never worried about a lot of things and maybe, that is why I was not worried about school?…. Who know’s, What I do know now is that I wish I would’ve be proactive in planning my future. I wish I would’ve made better life choices. But, most of all I wish I would’ve known what to plan for.

Today’s post is the beginning of something new. Today I am implementing the full title of Mouthful of Food, Menus and Manifestoes. From here on out we will be talking some food (menus) and a lot of life planning (manifestoes). The focus will be on life planning; food will be second and the icing on the cake, if you will. If you know me, you know I love food. I love cooking, baking and, going out to eat. And, I love sharing all of that with all of you. And, I still will.. But, it has been on my heart to share life skills and life planning to our urban youth and young adults on this platform, and so it shall be.

Some of the things we will discuss and explore are: Self Love, Mental Health, Embracing Challenges and Opportunities, Etiquette, Being a Good Friend, Career Exploration and other Life Skills. I am so excited to begin this next chapter. I have been holding on to this for months. Holding off writing these love letters to my younger self.

6 thoughts on “Love Letters to my Younger Self

  1. Hey my friend. You are awesome and this thanks for sharing. After our many conversations about purpose, I believe you hit the bullseyes. Looking forward to see more of you. Tanja

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