About me

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I am Kim from Flint, Michigan. Yes, it’s Kim not Kimberly. I am the parent of a wonderful daughter who is quite the fashion plate. She is the very best thing in my world.😊

I am the owner of a home based baking business named A Piece of Cake. My baking consists of cakes, cookies and two cobblers. Traditional holiday layer and pound cakes, classic favorites for cookies and peach and blackberry cobblers round it out.

Some of my favorite things are books, bookstores, movies, music, fashion and  beauty products. My favorite foodie things are recipes, restaurants, cooking shows, farmers markets and grocery stores. A great grocery store/ food shop is my happy place.

I’ve always been a Foodie, I guess I didn’t know it growing up. I always loved reading my mother’s cookbooks and home economic class. I never really cooked much until I became a mother at age 20. Fast forward through 20 years of cookbooks, culinary mags, recipes from the web, friends, family, and my own personal written food ideas. It all has spoken to me. Do something with me, they say. Show me off, how beautiful I am, how easy I am to make is what I hear. So here I am, talking with my Mouthful of Food.

14 thoughts on “About me

  1. You are awesome and you are beautiful! You will do great things and I would love to see a cookbook with you being the creator in the very near future!

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  2. You were made for this! It is wonderful that you are embracing and building upon something about which you are so passionate. I can’t wait to read more.

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