Effortless Creamy Caramel Apple Dip

Hey Peeps! I got a good one for you today!!!!...This recipe is so quick and effortless to make. Put this in the 5 minute or less recipe section of your files. A little bit ago I wrote about my favorite foods for Fall and Winter and I probably listed 3 or 4 foods that had apples involved … Continue reading Effortless Creamy Caramel Apple Dip

Chicago Food Adventure in September Day 2

Saturday began with an empowerment workshop and ended with a visit to Eataly. Hold on, I'm going to share all the deets. I've already shared with you about the Manifest Your Vision workshop in a post from last week. If you missed it you can find it here.  After the workshop we planned to connect with … Continue reading Chicago Food Adventure in September Day 2

Chicago Food Adventure in September

Alright, if you have been keeping up with me for the last 7 days you know I spent last weekend in Chicago..... Eating. I took the train from Michigan and my sister flew in from Texas. When I first arrived I went straight to the hotel. I was greeted by a picket line of striking … Continue reading Chicago Food Adventure in September

Beni Hana with a Bestie

For our birthday's, every April and September we go to Beni Hana; Me and my BFF Tamiko.  This past Wednesday we trekked down to Farmington Hills to celebrate and enjoy Japanese Hibachi: Fried Rice, Steak, Chicken, and or Shrimp... Along with the good food, we always hope to get a entertaining Hibachi Chef.. This time … Continue reading Beni Hana with a Bestie

I fell off….

This last week of my self imposed 30 posts in 30 days has proved to be the hardest.... Everyday since this past Wednesday has been met with some type of obstacle when it came to me posting. I probably could've squeezed in something... or anything but, I didn't just want to post anything. Today is … Continue reading I fell off….