Chicago Food Adventure in September Day 2

Saturday began with an empowerment workshop and ended with a visit to Eataly. Hold on, I'm going to share all the deets. I've already shared with you about the Manifest Your Vision workshop in a post from last week. If you missed it you can find it here.  After the workshop we planned to connect with … Continue reading Chicago Food Adventure in September Day 2

Chicago Food Adventure in September

Alright, if you have been keeping up with me for the last 7 days you know I spent last weekend in Chicago..... Eating. I took the train from Michigan and my sister flew in from Texas. When I first arrived I went straight to the hotel. I was greeted by a picket line of striking … Continue reading Chicago Food Adventure in September

Beni Hana with a Bestie

For our birthday's, every April and September we go to Beni Hana; Me and my BFF Tamiko.  This past Wednesday we trekked down to Farmington Hills to celebrate and enjoy Japanese Hibachi: Fried Rice, Steak, Chicken, and or Shrimp... Along with the good food, we always hope to get a entertaining Hibachi Chef.. This time … Continue reading Beni Hana with a Bestie

Make your own Sweet Balsamic Glaze

A couple of years ago during one of my visits to Outback Steakhouse I ordered a Wedge Salad with my dinner. It was my first wedge salad at Outback; and when it came to the table I didn't know what to think. There was a dark colored unknown syrupy substance on my plate. I didn't … Continue reading Make your own Sweet Balsamic Glaze