The Best thing I ate Last Week (Jamaican Beef Patties)

Hot from the oven Jamaican Beef Patties For months I have been reading recipes for the delicious savory treats known as Jamaican Beef Patties. Although I have only had the meat filled hand pie on two occasions, I fell in love immediately. The first time I had them was during the African World Festival in … Continue reading The Best thing I ate Last Week (Jamaican Beef Patties)

Favorite Cookbook Friday #8 and a FAIL!

The picture of this cupcake is enough reasons to pick up the Magnolia Bakery cookbook and take it home. (Original Picture from Magnolia Bakery Cookbook)   It's the end of April and I have not met all of my goals for the month........Sigh. Although I did not write them down or post them anywhere, they … Continue reading Favorite Cookbook Friday #8 and a FAIL!

Blackberry Cobbler

Blackberry Cobbler Fresh & Hot This recipe is courtesy of Southern Living Ultimate Cookbook. The recipe has been modified slightly by me to accommodate cooking times and my tastes. Blackberry Cobbler is my mom's favorite, which is why I decided to try my hand at it. This was my third time making a blackberry cobbler. … Continue reading Blackberry Cobbler