Easy Homemade Salsa

Easy Homemade Salsa One super easy snack and treat to keep on hand is salsa. Tomatoes, onions, cilantro, spicy peppers, garlic, and some seasonings will give you a semi-healthy snack; depending on the what you choose to serve it with. Just recently I made some delicious salsa and some really good jalapeƱo ranch dip. Since … Continue reading Easy Homemade Salsa

Love Letters to my Younger Self

I never was a good student while in primary school. I was distracted mostly but, I would also say some subjects were just difficult. I just made it out of high school. No effort was put into my studies. There was no focus on my future, college, career or otherwise. I just went from day … Continue reading Love Letters to my Younger Self

Simple and Spicy Mexican Lasagna

Enjoy this flavorful casserole today! I am a magazine collector. Well, I used to be. Before the internet became popular, I used to buy and keep any cooking magazine with a good looking recipe. My favorite cooking mag at the time was Taste of Home. It was to me the best out there. Taste of … Continue reading Simple and Spicy Mexican Lasagna

The Best thing I ate Last Week (Jamaican Beef Patties)

Hot from the oven Jamaican Beef Patties For months I have been reading recipes for the delicious savory treats known as Jamaican Beef Patties. Although I have only had the meat filled hand pie on two occasions, I fell in love immediately. The first time I had them was during the African World Festival in … Continue reading The Best thing I ate Last Week (Jamaican Beef Patties)

Remembering Bake Sale Saturdays

Postcards I sent to announce a Bake Sale that were created by Cousin Candice. Back in 2010 I started hosting Bake Sales from home. I came to hosting the sales from home after being expelled from a local weekend indoor marketplace. I was never given an exact reason that I was involuntary excused from participating. … Continue reading Remembering Bake Sale Saturdays