Day 2 in Chicago

23 Sep

It’s cold. I had to stop and buy a sweatshirt to keep myself warm for the day. We enjoyed ourselves very much today. The first part of the morning was well spent in a personal growth workshop. We visited a food hall, had dinner with family and more…. When I get back home I can share all the deets but, this weekend I am without my tablet and my computer which makes it difficult to share everything I want. In the meantime here are a few pics from today and yesterday.

Hello from Chicago…..

22 Sep

That’s right, this weekend I am hanging out in Chicago with my one and only sister. Upon arrival the weather was warm and perfect. By nightfall I wanted a hat and gloves to keep me warm so that I could stay out longer. One thing to know about me is, if I’m cold I just want to hibernate. But, I got a lot of sight seeing in before the weather betrayed us.

Today I experienced several new food places and I’m excited to try more tomorrow. I had a late breakfast at breakfast and brunch spot, tried falafel, went to a bakery that was on my wish list and, to a bakery that was not. All in all my sister and I had a great day. Tomorrow we have a morning workshop, catching up with family here in town and then we will the remainder of the day being a couple of gluttons in the city. Don’t worry I’ll have pictures too!

I’ll post a few tomorrow,

Kim Cherie,



Grilled Cheese for Dinner… tonight

20 Sep

Wow! The day has gotten away from me… I am supposed to a have a post done before midnight every night for 30 days. I have almost missed the dead line. My day has been pretty full as I am trying to remember every thing I need to do, finish, and, pick up before tomorrow because I have a very busy weekend ahead. I had 3 different appointments today, clothes to wash and dry.  I delivered all the cakes I baked yesterday. And, lastly I had to go to the ATM and I ended up leaving the card in the machine. At least I think I did…. At least I hope I did. Whomp. Whomp….

So while I call myself being organized and prepared for this non-stop weekend. I have already hit this hiccup. Fortunately tomorrow is Friday and the banks are open and I can try to get this resolved. That card is tied to everything I do. My day was so full. I am still not packed. And, there was no time to plan for dinner.

But, remember that loaf of Texas Toast I bought late last week when I spontaneously wanted a BLT and then a grilled cheese? Well I had my way with the BLT’s and in the middle of the week I took advantage of the TEXAS TOAST on the nights I worked very late. I don’t think a 2am Grilled Cheese never hurt anyone. Tonight I had one at 9pm. Actually, I had two.  I like my grilled cheese made with American Cheese Slices, Real Butter, Texas Toast or, White Sandwich Bread. If I don’t have those items, I don’t want it.

The trick to making a delicious grilled cheese is to cook it low and slow. Have the butter softened so that it spreads easily across the whole slice of bread. If you don’t have softened butter just melt the butter in the microwave and use a pastry brush to apply it generously to the bread slices. Use a large enough skillet so that both slices of bread can lay flat with the butter side down and the cheese laying on top. Turn your stove top or griddle on a medium low to low; depending on how you stove cooks. Monitor the cheese toast every couple of minutes until it is at your desired doneness. Once both slices are brown and the cheese is melted, place one slice of cheese toast on top of the other with the cheeses meeting face to face. Then press the hot cheese sandwich down with a spatula so the cheese slices melt into one. Remove the sandwich from the skillet or griddle. Cut in half and serve with fries and a pickle; just like a coney island restaurant.


Kim Cherie



21 Things you might not know about me…

19 Sep
  1. I love old school cartoons, Scooby Doo (all versions and remakes), Super Friends, Looney Toons, and the Flintstones. I seriously miss Saturday morning cartoons.
  2. I want to learn how to play the piano and to tap dance.
  3. I once created a video submission and applied to be on a Food Network TV show.
  4. I have one sister and 3 brothers.
  5. I like almost every kind of music out there and I like it loud.
  6. I never went to prom. I wish I did.
  7. I also wish I went away to college.
  8. I stop and watch the movie Goonies every time it is on the television.
  9. My most prized possession after my family are my cookbooks.
  10. My dream vacation spot is Hawaii. I’ve never been.
  11. I want to drive from Michigan all the way to Los Angeles California.
  12. Home Economics and typing were always my favorite classes.
  13. The first cake I ever made from scratch was a German Chocolate Cake. This is also my favorite cake.
  14. I have 2 very best friends.
  15. My favorite beverage is Classic Coke. I can’t narrow down a favorite food.
  16. I recently gave up eating McDonalds. I miss the fries. And their coke.
  17. I love road trips.
  18. I wish I had a personal chauffeur.
  19. I want a house with the kitchen in the front of the house. I will probably have to build one like this.
  20. Blue jeans and a t-shirt are my favorite things to wear.
  21. I have 4 piercings in one ear and 2 in the other.





Try these two……

18 Sep

recipes the next time you’re asked to bring something to a party or a potluck!… I just tried them because I went to bed with a craving for each of these on 2 separate nights. These recipes are total opposites; one is a side dish and the other is dessert. I craved them both and made them in the same week.

The first thing I had a craving for was a carrot cake. I make carrot layer cakes all the time. Huge three layer carrot cakes with cream cheese icing. That was not going to work though. I just wanted a sheet cake that would be gone in no time. I found the recipe I wanted to try over on I really liked this cake it was moist and flavorful. I baked and frosted it all one pan. It was potluck ready but, really it was just for me.

Here’s a link to her blog and the Recipe. Try it out and tell us how you like it. This carrot cake recipe will be surely taking up residency in my recipe box.

Then, later in the week I had a craving for potato salad, again I went to the internet instead of my cookbooks because I was in bed already. Lol…..I’m always thinking about my next meal. Not very far into my search I found the site A Spicy Perspective and her potato salad. I was very pleased with the whole process and all the ingredients chosen in her recipe. It was very close to what my mom and grandma make. This recipe I will also keep close by.

Check out both of these recipes and be prepare to have a happy belly.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Kim Cherie



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