Life List

Learn the Bible,
Know what God says,
Serve God,
Publish a food blog,
Publish a self photo blog for 365 days,
Crash a wedding,
Write a cookbook,
Publish the same cookbook,
Finish college,
Learn to play piano,
Learn to ride a horse,
Fly on an airplane to another state,
Spend the weekend on a beach,
Lose 70-100 pounds (and not find it again, ever),
Become debt free,
Learn to dance,
Dance all night,
Go to NYC to see a talk show,
See a broadway play,
Complete the Crim training program,
Do the Crim (walking or running),
Go to all the major cities in the U.S.,
Go to Hawaii,
Pay it forward,
Help people,
Fall in love,
Have that same person fall in love with me,
Organize and start a non-profit for single parents and their children,
Have a lot of fun..
…. to be continued

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