Favorite Cookbook Friday #4

Hard Copies. That’s what I like. Everything now days can be found, downloaded, uploaded,  listened to, viewed on or, read on the internet. For me nothing feels better than a book in hand when it comes to reading. When it comes to reading recipes I want to understand the ideas of the writer by reading other recipes by the same author. I read and browse the internet almost everyday always looking for new ideas. But, nothing beats a real book. I’m even more passionate about my cookbooks. I don’t know how many I have. I might not ever know because they are everywhere. I know exactly where each one is when I need or want it too; in case you were wondering.  I sometimes fall asleep with 3 or 4 in the bed with me. My books, next to my family and friends are the most valuable to me. My love for my culinary library brought me to the idea of sharing with you my favorites of the bunch. Which is how I came up with Favorite Cookbook Friday!!!  Every week I will share a cookbook and a recipe from my personal library that I declare a favorite. And look! We are already at number four!!

This weeks book is not a cookbook per se’. It is a lexicon for the lover of cuisine, for the novice cook, the culinary student, and the home grown gourmet. From A-Z there are over 16,000 words and definitions in these pages. They all relate to food, cooking,service, nutrition, cooking methods, sanitation and food safety.

Webster’s New World Dictionary of Culinary Arts, by Steven Labensky, Gaye G. Ingram and  Sarah Labensky is a wealth of information. Before looking everything up on the internet. I had this book. It’s been by my bed in the stacks of books whenever I have a question. From what a particular dish is or what’s the difference between heavy cream, half and half and plain old whole milk.  I’ve had this book for almost 20 years. I still use it. I may not ever know ever word that is in it. But, I know that if I need to know a word in regards to the kitchen or cooking it’s going to be in this book. 

Who knew there were so many nationalities of mustards? Have you ever wondered what does al dente’ mean?What is a brine? Or what is brining? Emulisify? How do you do that?… The answers are all in the culinary dictionary. 

What is one of your favorite resources of knowledge for all things food? 

Do you have a question or comment for me? Let me know in the comments. Thank you for stopping by mouthfuloffood.com. 

Until next time,


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