Try these two……

recipes the next time you’re asked to bring something to a party or a potluck!… I just tried them because I went to bed with a craving for each of these on 2 separate nights. These recipes are total opposites; one is a side dish and the other is dessert. I craved them both and made them in the same week.

The first thing I had a craving for was a carrot cake. I make carrot layer cakes all the time. Huge three layer carrot cakes with cream cheese icing. That was not going to work though. I just wanted a sheet cake that would be gone in no time. I found the recipe I wanted to try over on I really liked this cake it was moist and flavorful. I baked and frosted it all one pan. It was potluck ready but, really it was just for me.

Here’s a link to her blog and the Recipe. Try it out and tell us how you like it. This carrot cake recipe will be surely taking up residency in my recipe box.

Then, later in the week I had a craving for potato salad, again I went to the internet instead of my cookbooks because I was in bed already. Lol…..I’m always thinking about my next meal. Not very far into my search I found the site A Spicy Perspective and her potato salad. I was very pleased with the whole process and all the ingredients chosen in her recipe. It was very close to what my mom and grandma make. This recipe I will also keep close by.

Check out both of these recipes and be prepare to have a happy belly.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Kim Cherie



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