Continential Breakfast Done Right

Yesterday I intended to talk about continental breakfast that are usually provided at hotels,meetings, prayer breakfasts and, other morning events. I wanted to talk about how I appreciated the continental breakfast that was served at the workshop I attended on this past Saturday. Well, I didn’t talk about it because my thoughts on the workshop overpowered my thoughts on the breakfast that was provided.  The reason I wanted to share my thoughts on the food provided on that day is because it was very nicely done. I don’t think this post will be too long today; so stick around.

When I have an event and the will be guests in attendance I try to have some type of food on hand to serve to anyone who is interested. I think of what type of event it is,  what time of day it will be, how many people will be there, and what would be good    hors d’ oeuvres, snack, or small meal. Lastly I think, what would I want to eat, or taste? If I would not want it I am not going to provide it for the most part. And, if I am going to serve it food I desire to offer it the best way possible. When I attended the Happy Black Woman Manifest Your Vision Event on Saturday she did just that.

I didn’t partake in the breakfast provided because I assumed I would not want any because at almost any event there will be store bought processed muffins that are cold or old, cold bagels and even colder butter, mixed fruit that was frozen and has been tossed in a bowl and so on. But, that was not the case there in Chicago. She offered fresh cut fruit, bread, bagels, jellies, butters, cream cheese and I even saw peanut butter I think. But for me what threw it right over the top for me was the fact that there were toasters (yes, just adding toasters made me happy 🙂 ) provided to toast and warm the bread and bagels so that all condiments provided could be properly used and spread onto the mornings carbohydrates. How thoughtful was that? I know that this seem really small and silly to care about having a toaster but, I don’t want cold bagels and bread for breakfast. I’ll take the cold fruit and juice. But, may I please have warm bread and soft butter or cream cheese?

Listen, I am a FOOD SNOB and I know it. I don’t get too picky about a lot but, I do get picky about my food.  I believe that if you’re going to serve it; serve it right. And, if you can’t do it right find someone who can.


Kim Cherie



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