Beni Hana with a Bestie

For our birthday’s, every April and September we go to Beni Hana; Me and my BFF Tamiko.  This past Wednesday we trekked down to Farmington Hills to celebrate and enjoy Japanese Hibachi: Fried Rice, Steak, Chicken, and or Shrimp… Along with the good food, we always hope to get a entertaining Hibachi Chef.. This time we got a winner. Will was his name and he was beyond friendly and cheerful as he cracked jokes about each of our specific food requests.

Will was also a good cook. I think this visit to Beni Hana produced the best food I have ever had there. I think we have visited about 3 different ones in the Detroit area and they always seem to be about the same as far as the food goes. It’s always good but, this time it was mouthwatering delicious. Will used plenty of seasonings, garlic butter and lemon squeezes when he prepared our food. I’m sure our dinner was made and infused with love. I ordered the Beni Hana Trio which is filet mignon, chicken and shrimp along with 3 fried rice, no eggs please and, the veggies. I love the veggies.. I sometimes wish you could just order the fried rice and the vegetables.

I always pay very close attention to how they prepare the food because, every since my first visit several years ago I have tried to replicate the fried rice and vegetables at home. Every time I go back I try to learn something new or find something I may have missed. I only make my fried rice about once a year by request from my mom. She loves it when I make it. I get all the veggies (zucchini, onions and mushrooms), steak, chicken and shrimp and make a hefty stir fry that is quite comparable with Beni Hana if I must say so myself.

What makes the fried rice & hibachi the best is as with any food is to season the food liberally and be very generous with the garlic butter. BE VERY GENEROUS WITH THE GARLIC BUTTER. 

We always finish our Beni Hana visit with ice cream that is given to birthday guests and comes with some dinner items.  I just had plain vanilla and my bff had rainbow sherbet. Our bellies are so full when we leave the restaurant and we don’t even make a dent in our food. We have gotten full from the soup and salad. I always take almost all of my food home and share with my mom and she takes hers home to share with her family. This is our tradition. We already know when April & September come around, it’s not if we’re going; it’s when are we going? We always have a good time.

If you have never been to a Beni Hana find one and check it out. Also, become a member of their birthday club. They will send you a $30 coupon during your birthday month. How cool is that?

Is Beni Hana your favorite Hibachi style restaurant? Is there one you like better?

Let me know in the comments,

Bye for now,

Kim Cherie,


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