5 Unsuspecting Places To Find New Recipes

In my free time or when I am sitting idle at an appointment I like peruse the internet looking for new recipes for something I want to make for the first time. I usually search for 3-4 recipes of the same kind and mash them all together to try to get the outcome I am looking for.

Other times, I know I have a food product (like a sauce or a mix) and I want to know more about the producers of the company, the other things they make and then all of a sudden I down a rabbit hole finding things I didn’t even know I needed in my life (when it comes to food; I mean). Haha….. But the best thing I have found out when I look up my favorite food brands is the recipe catalog they offer up on their website. Today, I am going to share with you 5 alternative places I look for recipes when I want something new in the breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert rotation.

1. In case you missed in the intro of this post: Your favorite food brand’s website have many recipes out there just waiting for you to tap in on. Some of my favorite food brand sites that I look for recipes on are McCormick seasonings and spices, Savory Spice, Delallo Pasta, Jiffy Cornbread Mix, Coles Garlic Bread, Just about any brand you can find on the baking aisle has a website by the brand itself or by the parent company of that particular brand.

2. This one is your favorite grocery stores website. Yep, click on over to Aldi, Meijer, Kroger, HEB, Publix or the “Top Gun” grocer in your part of the country; cut the stress of brainstorming what’s for dinner and plan your next meal right in their virtual grocery store. The best part about this is that you can actually order the groceries for pick up or delivery at the same _____ time……. MIC DROP.

3. Ok y’all, if you don’t much about me please know this. I LOVE A GOOD GROCERY STORE. And all grocery stores are not good, even the good ones are not always great. In my area I have 4 good grocery stores that I shop at regularly based my needs for that day or week. Even with all those options I still have to shop other markets for premium items or ingredients. ( This post is not about grocery stores, I promise.) That’s where Gourmet Markets come in to play. Gourmet markets are top notch and will not be outdone by national chains. Gourmet markets might need get to their own posts after all, I am getting too excited typing this…… Ok, ok anyway…. Find a gourmet market in your area or ask the best cook you know about their favorite and check out that market’s website for recipes… A gourmet market makes and sells their hot food, cold food, and baked goods that make you want to buy one of everything. So the recipe section should be on point.

4. Newspaper production and delivery is in short supply where I live; however, this is still a good place to check for new recipes. The food section usually is published at least once a week and they share 1 to 3 recipes. The Sunday magazine insert normally has a recipe, and do not forget the coupon section, or the grocery ads. Some of my favorite recipes have came from grocery ads and coupons. If you have an online subscription to a newspaper there will be plenty of food talk out there. And, check newspaper archives too.

5. Last but not least in the search for new recipes is the ……..RESTAURANT MENU……. Pre- pandemic, I went out to eat quite regularly… I order my food and keep my menu for future planning on my next visit. But every now and then I find something that particularly peaks my interest and then I say: I want to or I can make that at home. I write down or photograph what’s in or on the food item and start planning how to source the ingredients how many processes will be needed to get the anticipated outcome of deliciousness. I like this one because I get to use my creativity in a different way.

I hope this list encourages and excites you to get creative in new ways with cooking, recipe development, and eating at home. It does not have to be the same all the time. Looking for recipes in new places brings new things. Adding something special and new to a meal can be a definite upgrade right in your own kitchen/dining room and the rave reviews will be all for you!!

Until next time friends,

Be the best you!

P.s Tell me, where do you find great recipes?!

One thought on “5 Unsuspecting Places To Find New Recipes

  1. Thanks so much for sharing these ideas. I never thought of going to the websites of grocery stores or a food product. I will definitely use these recommendations the next time I am having meal preparation challenges.

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