Personal Writing Challenge: 30 posts for 30 days

It’s been over 2 months since my last blog post. And, I don’t know how long it was the time before that. What I do know that my posting has been too infrequent. My lack of conversation has not been because I am not interested any longer or that I  have been so busy with other things (I have been busy, BTW). But, that’s not it. I am totally interested in talking, writing, and sharing all the things I find interesting about food, entertainment and, etiquette; or the lack of it for that matter. What I can come up with right now as to the reason why I have not produced more is that I want everything to be perfect that I  share with you. I want it to be worthy of the time you take to invest in listening/reading  what I have to say.  I want my words and pictures to be GOLD!  And, if I can’t give that every time, I kinda just give up.

I don’t want to give up. And, I’m not. My theme word for 2018 is PERSISTENT. I chose that  word at the last part of 2017 for the next year because,  I do have a thing with giving up or not following through. I wrote about it in earlier in the year. Check it out here.  Anyway, I’m not going to tie up anymore of your time with talking about my past history with being inconsistent with blogging. The proof is in the “blogana pudding” (haha).

I am only looking forward. I am looking forward to each day of this September 2018. What’s got me so pumped about September you ask? Because: IT’S PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE’ TIME!!!! YAAAAY!!! Nooooo. Just kidding. Although I am a big fan of the The Great Pumpkin Spice Latte’ at Starbucks, it is not paving the way of my excitement….But, this is!….I have decided to give myself a challenge this month by writing 30 posts in 30 days. 



Okay, okay… back to all seriousness. The challenge is simple. Write about anything once a day for 30 days and post it. I will not be concerned with punctuation or spelling. (If I see notice them I will fix them, but I will not be concerned with too much proofreading.  Photos and/or links may or may not be included in a post. Also, there will be no word limit or maximum is required for any post. I will try my best to post about food/dining, entertaining, and/or etiquette but, I can’t guarantee it.  My goal here is to WRITE and to get used to it. No matter what comes out.

Feel free to comment when you have a question, thought or want to suggest a topic.

See you tomorrow!

Kim Cherie

p.s. This is post #1 😉




4 thoughts on “Personal Writing Challenge: 30 posts for 30 days

  1. Hi! Once a week is good too. Consistency is what matters. They say we learn what our audience wants. Your posts are so inspirational. I’m glad you are putting yourself and your message out there….. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post yesterday and letting me know you did. I can’t wait to see what I have to say everyday!! lol. 🙂

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  2. Hi Kim 😊! I’m excited about your blog and I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on food and entertainment! You got this!

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